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Aa Megami-sama, known as Ah! My Goddess or Oh! My Goddess overseas,
is an anime and manga franchise created by renowned manga artist/
character designer Fujishima Kousuke. In February 2007, Marvelous
Entertainment released a puzzle adventure game for the Playstation 2
gaming console as part of the Aa Megami-sama franchise’s 20th
anniversary celebration. In this game, the player takes control of
Morisato Keiichi, who must work together with his goddess partners to
overcome a series of traps and pitfalls designed to keep them all
confined to a deserted island. The game was released in two versions:
a limited edition package which includes special box art, a silver
pocket watch, dress-up cels, memory card-sticker cels, limited
edition cards, a special drama CD, and a PC desktop accessories CD
(for those who pre-ordered the game), and a standard edition that
includes the game only.

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アニメ 動画 ああっ女神さまっ

婚活アプリで40歳太めのおばさんをスルーした男性を、女性記者が憤慨www「うっわ!容姿と年齢で女のことを差別するんだ……」 額にゆっくりナイフをズブズブ突き刺すキチガイ男www その男が救世主と何故か話題にwww
【動画】女『ボロボロトラックが走ってるwww爆笑www』 反日教育を受けた韓国人留学生を待っていた壮絶な日本の生活! 嫌悪感を抱き来日した韓国人女性が語った!NO2【韓国の反応と日韓の歴史】